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6 January 2011 [Your questions]
Is biodiversity indeed responsible for the ecological resilience?

What is diversity and what is its role in biotic regulation concept? Today we discuss this topic in the context of the above question of a colleague of ours. Please, read our reply here.

In the view of a recent interest our (Russian-language) readers expressed in the topic of genetic diversity and evolution, today we would like to present to your attention the following text that has been so far lying dormant on the shelf.

Makarieva A.M., Gorshkov V.G. (2011) On the nature of intraspecific genetic variability: Evidence against the ruling paradigm. arXiv:1101.0579v1 [q-bio.PE].
Abstract. Empirical evidence is presented which contradicts the established interpretation of the intraspecific genetic variability as the adaptive potential of the species: the uniform evolutionary tempo across the life kingdom, species discreteness, and absence of correlation between genetic variability and prosperity of extant species testify against the ruling paradigm. Consistent interpretation of the nature of intraspecific genetic variability is based on recognizing the limited sensitivity of stabilising selection, which allows for accumulation and persistence in the population of a considerable amount of mutational substitutions, which, to some degree, erase the meaningful genetic information of the species. The proposed interpretation also provides solution to the inbreeding paradox in the invasive species.

We also report that the discussion of our paper "Where do winds come from?" (see history here) has been indefinitely extended. This means that there is still an opportunity to post comments and questions.

Indefinitely extended

New Year greetings to our readers! In 2010 we were able to obtain some interesting results which are still to be shared with our readers. You are always welcome!

Gorshkov & Makarieva